Car speaker how to maintain?

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(1) To keep the car horn outside clean, the wiring should be firm.
(2) Can not put all kinds of foreign matter into the speaker, so as to avoid abnormal sound.
(3) The speaker should not sound more than 10s in a continuous sound, so as not to damage the speaker.
(4) Fixed screw fastening, always check the car horn and support, to ensure its reliable ground.
(5) Attention should be paid to the position of the metal pad and the insulation pad when repairing the car horn.
(6) When washing water can not be directly flushing water into the microphone amplifier, lest the horn will sound.
(7) Often check the output voltage of the generator. The voltage is too high will burn out the horn contact voltage is too low, the horn will be issued abnormal sound.
(8) The fixed method of car horn has a great influence on its pronunciation. In order to make the sound of the horn sound, the speaker can not do the rigid installation, so to be fixed on the buffer bracket, that is, between the speaker and the fixed bracket to be fitted with a piece of spring or rubber pad.