Car horn correct use method

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Error using speaker case
1.Intersection congestion, continued to press the horn
In some relatively congested intersection, especially mixed pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, it may appear light release, but due to congestion can not move forward, many drivers of habitual use of horn tips in front of the vehicle, and the long horns. If this is the case, we suggest that the driver to look at the situation, if is really smooth road and in front of the vehicle does not start, you can choose to use light to prompt, but still did not have the effect of using sound a horn tips the other side can be.
2.Vehicles in front or at the intersection of pedestrians, non motor vehicles to prohibit the use of horn tips
When driving in motor vehicles, non motor vehicles mixed road, if in front of the vehicle encounters a non motor vehicle when the ban on the use of horn prompts the other, perhaps many of my friends have a doubt, if not prompt may rub in over the course of the non EMU, so to the prompt. But here we want to tell everybody is, non motor vehicles and pedestrians on the road belongs to the vulnerable groups, the vehicle should is necessary to avoid non motor vehicles, pedestrians, so under normal circumstances are vulnerable groups in advance.
If this is the case, what is the right way? If motor vehicles Road non motor vehicles or pedestrians pass through, the first step would is to slow down, and by the light of the tips, if there is no effect only parking. Why not use the horn tips it? Because if all of a sudden whistle or shortness of whistle urged non motor vehicles and pedestrians, they are likely to accelerate through the intersection, then it is easy and the other lane vehicle collision. In addition, it is likely the emergence of panic was perplexed, the motor vehicle driver is also difficult to judge, so a lot of accidents therefore occurred.
3.Vehicles encountered in the old, weak, sick, disabled, the use of the horn to prohibit the use of horn tips
When the old, weak, sick, disabled to prohibit the use of horn tips, this does not need to hesitate. If the non motor vehicles in front of the vehicle is considered a weak group, then the four groups should be considered a protected group. So when you meet them, please the driver friends a lot of understanding, do not use the horn to urge them.
4.Hospitals, communities, schools, tunnels, garage ban on the use of speakers
Have you ever sleep late on the weekends is sound of car horn woke up too? Whether there is a horn in the garage was a great surprise to experience? This is incorrect use of the horn. Many drivers in and out of the hospital, community, tunnel, garage, did not pay attention to warning signs prohibiting whistle, most places will have. Communities, hospitals, schools are required to have a quiet environment, the garage and the tunnel is very easy to produce echoes, so I hope you can use the right speakers in these places.
5.Encountered animals do not use horn tips
Do not know if you have not encountered such a situation, walking on the road with a group of sheep or cattle surrounded by sheep, then how do you do? Quietly waiting, and then slowly forward. Because an animal doesn't know how to whistle is what meaning, so no matter how you whistle, for them, as if is a kind of animal in the roar, will not make any response, crazy and whistle not only useless noise is generated. So if there is an animal in front of the vehicle does not use horn tips, quietly waiting for it to leave it.
6.Heavy vehicles use the horn to prohibit the use of in urban areas (especially the whistle)
Here we are referring to are those with whistle or horn sounds huge trucks, whether it is in what circumstances they generated sound is noise. At high speed in order to advance other traffic, the whistle is used for all. Most of the lorries, sounds great, far transmission distance, but the whistle in the city use or for short-range use is "killing weapon"! The eardrum has great harm, to heavy vehicles or with high decibel vehicles prohibited in urban areas using a horn!
7."Road rage" drivers prohibit the use of speakers!
There are a lot of people will ask what is "road rage"? In fact, this is not really a disease, just a driver's driving style, some friends in peacetime is very quiet and friendly, but as long as the car, immediately put the a person, can not see in front of the other vehicle, pedestrian, as long as there is no control of crazy honk, seems to be a vent, not only in the use of horn, in driving style is also reflected, in fact, this is very dangerous, the so-called "ten times accident nine times fast" is speaking the truth. Want to have the problem of friends to pay more attention to their own.
How to use the speaker correctly:
1.In no signal, no one to take care of the intersection suggested that the use of horn tips, up to three of the sound can be.
2.Mountain road, corners, dead (no auxiliary mirror of the intersection) suggested the use of horn tips, up to three of the sound can be.
3.High speed when passing the car with the lights to use the horn tips next to the vehicle.
4.Prompt the road appear problem of the vehicle (the tyre pressure is insufficient, serious deviation, the door is not closed tightly, etc.), it is recommended to use light to prompt, if there is no effect on its horn tips, the best in the stop state told the other side of the vehicle.
Special remind: Here I want to say about the modification of the horn of a vehicle, some friends think car horn is a very personality of the thing must "tide". So there is a such as modified tweeter and refitted trains horn. I admit that it is indeed a shining tide, but do you consider someone else? You modified the horn sound enough let the whole building smashing car you think the! Remember, horn is a hint of something, there's no need so large mounded.