Several common faults of car horns

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Car horn is a vehicle for the driver to be used to warn pedestrians in front of the vehicle and the vehicle, and it plays an important role in traffic safety. The importance of car horns is understandable, but, do you know? Your car may now is suffering from chronic pharyngitis "distress, if it is not treated in time, may be the last lead to voice, and become mute. To give your car babamai! If there are any of the following situations, you can take care of myself!
Several status of car horns:
1, the speaker sometimes does not ring.
Ms. Wang complained: "the last time I had a car horn when the ring does not ring, it is the same as the intermittent neuropathy. Sometimes on the road by a long time did not respond, anxious to the dead!" How dangerous it is! Maybe some people think that nothing, but also hold a chance to feel that they have to use the time might sound. But want to know, this "maybe" is equal to the side of a "time bomb", not good, but in case of fried it? In fact, when the speaker does not ring, mostly because of poor contact with the horn switch, of course, there may be because the speaker itself, there are some quality problems.
2, horn sound hoarse.
The horn is used to warn others, it must need the loud, if the voice is hoarse, can not cause the attention of pedestrians and vehicles, also easy to cause traffic accidents. The speaker voice is mainly because the speaker terminal contact. Frequent and long horn, loudspeaker caused by electric shock ablation, impedance. This will weaken electromagnetic coil current, resulted in the decrease of the magnetic force, which does not have the attraction of the diaphragm, resulting in speaker sound is hoarse.
3, the speaker voice altogether, dumb.
This is the trumpet "regarded as hopeless." performance. At this point you can check the horn fuse is blown, with a multimeter measuring in press the horn switch here whether electricity, adjust the horn on the adjusting nut to see whether it can sound. If the answer is no, then hurry to buy a new horn it!