Automobile horn mounting method

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Two frequency horn in automobile front sound field is most widely used, in the horn of an automobile refitting basically there is a basic way for several installation today first introduced the future will give you bring more adapted to information!
A high pitched, bass mounted on the foot pedal;
In this way, the best sound field and the best image force can be obtained in most of the steam modification. Before, because of the limitation of the environment of the automobile, in front of the listener and channel about the serious asymmetric distance, such as sitting in the driver's listener distance left channel speaker closer and vice versa. And the high pitched and bass are all installed at the foot pedal board, can make the car horn to the distance between the people and the ear is the smallest relative to the transmission distance. So as long as the proper debugging, you can easily get the best sound field, such as the width and depth of the sound field will make you feel the sound field beyond the body.
Of course, this way, if the adjustment is not properly, will make the sound field is low, let a person feel the sound is heard from the soles of the feet. But as long as the correct choice of the right angle and installation, can avoid such a phenomenon.
In the domestic, such conversion is relatively rare. This is because most of the domestic car horn tuner that in the pedal installed loudspeaker system, very unsightly, but also hinder travel and easily soiled or damaged the protection grid etc..